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Ep: 58 Navigating Tricare with EFMP Status

Tricare is wonderful to have, but many military families have a hard time navigating the referral and claims system when they need to see a specialist. It can get even more tricky when a family member is given Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) status. One milfamily member shares her experience navigating the system and some tips she found that were helpful.

Susie Liberatore is the owner at Visions2images Creative Services. She helps established businesses grow their brand awareness by using digital marketing and professional branding techniques. With over ten years of agency and corporate experience, she brings businesses visions to life, while watching their return on investment increase. Her fields of design expertise are branding development, and social media marketing. She is the face and voice of Visions2images. Susie is an entrepreneur, she has several businesses and wears many hats for all of them. She has been able to help businesses thrive and grow with her help.

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Navigating Tricare with EFMP Status

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